Blizzard Is Experiencing Technical Issues with The Curse of Naxxramas: The Plague Quarter

Many players are reporting that they can't unlock the new content

Blizzard Entertainment has just released the next chapter in The Curse of Naxxrams: A Hearthstone Adventure, The Plague Quarter, and it seems that the company needs to administer some antibiotics, as the launch didn't go as smoothly as planned.

Many players are experiencing difficulties unlocking the Curse of Naxxramas: The Plague Quarter content, and Blizzard even closed the in-game shop, in order to prevent the issue from propagating. Many are claiming that their gold is gone, but they still can't access the new content.

"We are currently investigating an issue where Curse of Naxxramas: The Plague Quarter is not immediately unlocking after a real money or gold purchase. Thank you for your patience as we look into resolving this issue as quickly as possible," a blue post on the forums reads.

The post advises players who are currently experiencing issues to visit the appropriate thread on Blizzard's tech support forum, in order to help the devs with additional information on the matter at hand.

Additionally, the guys at Tech Support urge everyone who had a failed transaction, be it in in-game gold or in real-world money, to check their Order History, in the Account Management section of their accounts, in order to see whether the transaction registered or not.

The post also delivers some relevant information regarding failed purchases. It thus states that for failed purchases made with in-game gold, the sum will be reimbursed within 10 minutes, and that for failed cash purchases, the money will be released within 72 hours, depending on the policies of the respective financial institution, similar to how failed purchases made by iTunes on iPad will be reimbursed, according to Apple's policies.

For players for whom more than one purchase was registered as successful, with either gold, cash or on iTunes, the development team will continue to work in order to provide a timely resolution.

The tech support team will also look into accounts that have multiple successful purchases of The Plague Quarter, and will roll out a resolution as soon as it's ready.

The Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure went live last week, opening the gates to its first chapter, The Arachnid Quarter, for free, for the month-long celebratory event.

The second chapter, The Plague Quarter, requires that players purchase access, with a one-time fee of either 700 gold or £5 / €6 / $7, and delivers three new bosses, along with two new class challenges, for a total of six new cards.


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