Blizzard: Hearthstone High-Level Play Is Dominated by Druids

The company says that other classes are catching up

By on February 3rd, 2014 14:59 GMT

Eric Dodds, the lead designer working on Hearthstone, says that at the moment the Druid class is being used by most of the high-level players, but the game’s dynamic nature means that the situation might change very quickly.

He tells Eurogamer that, “Right now there's a lot of Druids at a high level, but there's been a swing of other classes - people finding out how to beat that deck. Even now they seem to be on the downward swing and losing that top status.”

The Druid class has access to a lot of spells and also gets a boost to mana, which appeals to a high number of players.

Hearthstone is a card-driven experience that uses a variety of magic attacks and units drawn from the World of Warcraft universe.

Blizzard plans to expand it with a new Adventure mode and might add more classes in the future.