Blippar Brings Its Visual Discovery Features to Windows Phone 8

It enables users to turn real-life objects into virtual experiences

Blippar, the leading visual discovery and augmented reality application, is now available for Windows Phone 8 devices as well, and can be downloaded for free.

The software landed in the Windows Phone Store as version, allowing users to “blipp,” an action described by the company as the conversion of anything seen in the real world into an interactive experience.

To take advantage of the application’s capabilities, users will have to find around them blippable products, images and magazines.

As soon as one such object is found, simply fire up the application, fill the screen with the image or item using the camera viewfinder, and then blipp it.

The mobile app also provides users with sharing features, so that they can tell their friends what they have discovered using Blippar. It also allows them to browse through an in-app catalogue to find more live blipps.

“Blippar is your free magic ‘lens’ which instantly unlocks the world around you with exclusive content and entertainment creating a unique virtual experience,” the application’s description reads.

“It’s an exciting new way to access exclusive content, messages, offers, experiences and real-time information from your favourite brands, publishers and retailers.”

There are various magazines, newspapers, billboards, travel cards, logos or products out there that carry the blipp instruction, and using this app when finding them will allow owners of Windows Phone 8 devices to perform a variety of entertaining actions.

For example, they will be able to play various games, watch videos and movie trailers, have a peek at 3D animations, and even snap pictures using virtual photobooths.

Additionally, blipping an item can also allow users to enter competitions and win prizes, or receive exclusive tickets, vouchers, recipes, and other similar items. Sharing these on Facebook and Twitter is very simple as well.

New features and capabilities are added to the software constantly, for an even better experience. You can download Blippar for Windows Phone 8 from Softpedia today.

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