Blind Sled Dog Gets Help from Its Brother to Navigate the Snowy Landscapes

Thanks to its buddies, Gonzo does not have to quit its job as a sled dog

About three years ago, an Alaskan husky dog named Gonzo began losing its eyesight, and many assumed that this would end up costing the pooch its job as a sled dog.

However, thanks to some much needed help that its brother Poncho is more than willing to offer it, Gonzo can still go on runs as it used to prior to its going blind.

The people in charge of running the Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel in New Hampshire, which is basically a rescue home for retired sled dogs and other pooches in need of help, explain that Poncho is well aware of its brother's needing help getting about.

Thus, it allows it to lean on it when they are running, and at one point, it even pulled Gonzo out of the snow by grabbing the latter's harness with its teeth, sources say.

“At first, he'd be a little bit nervous when Gonzo would lean into him. And then somehow - I don't know how dogs communicate - he learned that he was utilizing him to determine where the turns are and how fast they were going.”

“And he would let him do that — he wouldn't get as grumbly as he did in the beginning,” explained Ben Moorhouse, the current manager of the Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel.

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