Blind Russian Girl Criticizes Putin's Adoption Ban

Natalya Pisarenko has written an open letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin

Natalya Pisarenko has written an open letter criticizing Russian president Vladimir Putin's ban on foreign adoptions.

Ria Novosti writes that Pisarenko is legally blind, but has protested against legal measures which she found socially inacceptable before.

In 2011, she waived her disability pension during a strike, prompted by the government's decision to cut resort treatment programs for the disabled. In 2012, she filed a complaint when the state failed to provide her with textbooks for the visually impaired.

“Among the orphans, there are many disabled children who live a short life because of their congenital diseases and die at the age of 20 at best.

“Our families won’t adopt children with grave congenital disorders; such children require modern healthcare facilities which are nonexistent in Russia.”

“Could you please surprise us with another wise decision of yours: adopt five, ten children with serious congenital diseases, and we will follow the suit,” she wrote on a social networking site.

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