Blind Man Describes the Indescribable Concept of Color – Video

Color doesn't make any sense unless you see it, blind man says

If you have ever wondered what color means to a person who was born blind and never saw a thing in his life, here's the answer: it doesn't mean anything.

No detailed description or association with feelings provided by other senses can offer a blind individual the complete understanding of what color is, says Tommy Edison in an impressive video.

“There is a whole part of vocabulary, of language that doesn't mean anything to me,” he declares.

How is the orange orange? How is the sky blue when the ice is also blue? No matter how much effort we would make to explain and how great of an imagination somebody would have, it doesn't make any sense unless you see it.

It doesn't mean we shouldn't make the effort, it simply means the feeling gets deeper, far beyond our empathy and understanding.

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