Blind Baby Rhino Rescued After Being Seen Bumping into Things

The rhino is now looked after by rangers in Kenya, who keep it under 24-hour observation

Not very long ago, wildlife rangers in charge of looking after Kenya's biodiversity found a baby rhino that for one reason or another had trouble walking about and kept bumping into things.

The rangers soon realized that the animal was blind, and decided that it had very little – if any – chances of surviving on its own out in the wilderness.

Therefore, they caught it, brought it back to their headquarters with them and have been looking after it ever since.

Sources report that the baby rhino spends most of its time in a circular pen, and that at one point it even befriended a pair of dogs. However, it looks like their friendship was not meant to last.

As wildlife Ginger Thomas puts it, “He’s outgrown them. He pushes them around a little bit. Now he sleeps with one of the rangers. He needs to be near a warm body.”

This baby rhino must be closely monitored 24 hours per day, yet the rangers say that they do not mind taking turns in looking after it.

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