Blaq 1.8.6 for BlackBerry PlayBook Brings New Features, Various Fixes

Various UI changes were included, along with performance enhancements

A new flavor of the Blaq application is now available for download for the owners of BlackBerry PlayBook devices, namely version 1.8.6.

The new flavor of the application is said to arrive on devices as a maintenance release, yet it does arrive with some new features, as well as with a nice range of bug fixes.

The popular Twitter client for Research In Motion’s tablet PC now provides users with a different interface than before, with more compact tweet rows packed inside, so that more tweets would fit on the screen at a time.

Furthermore, the new flavor of the mobile application enables users to easily disable the auto-correct functionality. For that, they would simply have to go to Advanced Options > General.

As mentioned above, the new Blaq 1.8.6 for BlackBerry PlayBook was also meant to resolve some of the issues that were found to affect the application before.

Thus, users should no longer encounter rendering issues following the update, while also benefiting from various UI and performance improvements.

The full set of fixes in the new release (available courtesy of CrackBerry) includes:

- Rendering issues – duplicate tweets, incorrect tweet info

- Embedded content not loading – Youtube, Twitlonger, Soundcloud, etc.

- Twitter thumbnail loading

- Cannot follow/unfollow user if real-time streaming is disabled or fails

- Virtual keyboard does not send tweet in portrait

- The url shortener (the default shortener) has been removed.

- If you were using it, you will now be defaulted to Twitter’s URL shortener

- Minor cosmetic and speed improvements

The new flavor of Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook application is already available for download through the official BlackBerry App World.

Provided that the new app version does not appear as available for download right from the start, users should check for it in a while, as it might take a longer period of time for it to be pushed to all markets.

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