Blacklight: Retribution Onslaught Update Announced, Includes New Co-Op Mode

Two new modes, two new maps, a new hero and quite a few other items are coming

Blacklight: Retribution, the popular free-to-play first-person shooter on the PC, will see the release of its biggest update yet, in the form of the Onslaught one, which will introduce not just new maps and weapons, but also a Search and Destroy mode and, for the first time in the online experience, a cooperative Onslaught mode.

Blacklight: Retribution impressed lots of PC users by offering a free-to-play experience that didn't force people to buy things with actual money. Since then, almost a year has passed and developer Zombie Studios together with publisher Perfect World have kept on releasing new content updates.

Now, the biggest update yet has just been unveiled, in the form of Onslaught, which includes new modes, maps, weapons, and much more.

The content update brings the special AK470 and M4X weapons, but also new maps like Safehold and Metro, as well as a new hero, Ghost. Two new modes, in the form of Search and Destroy and the completely new cooperative Onslaught one, complete the package.

Check out the full details about each of the things included in Blacklight: Retribution's Onslaught update below, via an official statement.

New Mode: Onslaught

Four players must band together to survive waves of Zombie and Order forces. Work closely with teammates and keep moving at all costs as node-based objectives appear throughout the assault. Blacklight agents are needed to hold the line against the horde of infected.

New Mode: Search and Destroy

Created in response to requests from the Blacklight community, Search and Destroy finds two teams battling over 10 rounds. The attacking team is charged with planting a bomb at one of two bomb sites. The defending team must defuse the bomb or eliminate all attacking players. The bomber is equipped with a cloak that hides them from the defenders’ HRV.

New Hero: Ghost

This brand new sniper Hero is perfect for those who prefer long-ranged combat. With high HRV and stamina, Ghost can keep moving, steering clear of close quarters firefights while taking down enemies from a comfortable distance.

New Map: Safehold

Enter Safehold, the staging ground for Blacklight operations in a ruined city. This new map is built around an open plaza, with several surrounding balconies. Operatives holding the central plaza will face attacks from the encircling buildings.

New Map: Metro

Beneath the now ruined cities, even the subway systems have become underground battlefields. The new Metro map is built for tunnel rats and shotgun fanatics with side hallways broken up by sharp corners. Short-ranged weapons and calculated use of your HRV visor to track enemy agents will be key to success. Watch those corners!

New Weapons, Items, and More

With Onslaught, Agents will be able to wrap their hands around the AK470 and M4X. Inspired by legendary rifles, these new additions alongside new gun parts and tactical gear will add to the already vast amount of options players have when it comes to customizing weapon load-outs to perfectly fit their play style.

The new content update will be released tomorrow, February 27. Until then, you can check out a few screenshots of the new Onslaught update for Blacklight: Retribution below.


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