Blackberry Storm with Slide-Out Keyboard?

More rumors on Blackberry Storm

Okay, so the Blackberry Pearl Flip didn't get too much attention since word got out about the Storm model. Until a few days ago, you could find a leaked video on the Internet, which presented Blackberry Storm as being available in North America only through Verizon, and that made a big fuss. Now, rumors have it that another device will be launched, at the same time with Storm, and that this particular Blackberry model will have a slide-out keyboard. All the recent reports focus solely on the “plain simple” Blackberry Storm and on the fact that it's the first Blackberry ever to have a full touchscreen and no keyboard.

Either way, nobody knows for certain what the future plans for Blackberry are, but, since any bit of information should be confirmed by at least three different sources in order for it to be deemed valid, this means that the slide-out keyboard for the upcoming Blackberry models is only a rumor at this point.

In what regards the Blackberry Storm, only a few facts are certain. One of them is already mentioned above, meaning that this is the first touchscreen smartphone developed by Research in Motion. Another established fact is that Storm features a “click” touchscreen, which makes it very easy to input text with precision, and also that Storm will have the highest resolution ever produced by RIM.

Another really useful feature is the 3.2 megapixel camera (whether it has autofocus or flash is not known yet), and users get full HTML web browsing and visual voicemail. However, most important of all, the smartphone is built on a quad band architecture, so it's a global device.

For now, though, as also stated above, Blackberry Storm will be available only through Verizon, but a release date and a price are yet to be made public. At the moment, this is all the info available – however, it seems that Verizon will officially launch the phone somewhere in October, so the wait is not that long for all North American users.

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