BlackHole/Zeus Threat Comes via “You Have Blocked Your Facebook Account” Spam

Cybercriminals are once again trying to lure users to malicious websites

Malicious emails entitled “Verify your account” have been spotted by security experts. The alerts are part of a cybercriminal campaign whose main goal is to lure users to BlackHole-infested, ZeuS-serving websites.

Fake Facebook notifications are becoming more and more interesting. More recently, instead of informing potential victims that their accounts have been suspended by Facebook, spammers tell users that they have somehow blocked their own accounts.

“You have blocked your Facebook account. You can reactivate your account whenever you wish by logging into Facebook with your former login email address and password. Subsequently you will be able to take advantage of the site as before,” the shady emails read.

GFI Labs experts inform that the links from these messages are designed to take internauts to compromised websites that further redirect them to fake Adobe Flash Player update sites.

In case you come across such emails, be sure to delete them before clicking on any of the links they contain.

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