BlackBerry Z3 Is on a Roll in Asia, BlackBerry Claims

The company launches selfie contest in Indonesia to celebrate that

BlackBerry Z3, the cheapest BlackBerry 10-based smartphone to date, has proved highly popular among mobile phone users in Indonesia ever since its launch there last month, where it arrived on May 15, only to sell out during the first day of availability.

The smartphone was built specifically for users in emerging markets, with powerful hardware at a very affordable price tag, and BlackBerry saw it achieving its goal fast.

Thus, the company decided to bring the new mobile phone to more markets in Asia, and has already announced plans to make it available for purchase in countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and India.

Apparently, the success that BlackBerry Z3 has seen in Indonesia might be reiterated in other countries as well, at least this is what the mobile phone maker is saying.

“The BlackBerry Z3 was an overwhelming success in Indonesia, with long customer lines, sold-out stores and fans clamoring for more. In the last two weeks, we’ve rolled out the Z3 to other Asian countries, with similar results,” a recent post on BlackBerry’s official blog reads.

BlackBerry Z3 was praised in Vietnam for the affordable price tag if was announced with, while people in Malaysia reportedly found it highly appealing due to a special BBM Sticker package that was attached to it.

In India, the smartphone will arrive next week with a price tag of Rs. 15,990 ($266/€195) attached to it, but some retailers will be offering it for less than that, it seems.

Also next month, the BlackBerry Z3 is set to become available for purchase in Hong Kong, where it will land on July 8, and in the Middle East, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia first, followed by Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

In the meantime, however, we should note that BlackBerry has kicked off a new campaign for promoting the handset in Indonesia, one that is actually a contest, called the Kita Selfie Challenge.

It will sport two prize categories, thus providing users with two possibilities to win. The prizes include either a 3-day VIP experiences for two in Jakarta, or 12 goodie bags filled with gift vouchers.

For the first, users will need to go to a retail store, find the BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta Edition, take a selfie posing with the smartphone, and upload it online. They can also use the Z3 of a friend, if there’s one to already own the handset.

The second challenge includes finding an image of the BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta Edition, regardless of whether on Facebook,, a poster, or in a newspaper, take a selfie posing with the image, and then upload it online.

Those of you who live in Indonesia and would like to learn some more details on the Kita Selfie Challenge should head over to the contest’s webpage for that.

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