BlackBerry Z10 Coming to Vodafone UK on January 30

It will be available for free on select plans starting from £47/€55/$74 monthly

With only a few days left until Research In Motion’s (RIM) big launch announcement, carriers and retailer prepare to sell the first BlackBerry 10 devices, such as the Z10 and N10.

We have had numerous leaks regarding these two smartphones’ specs sheet, as well as design, so we can safely assume they will be very popular among BlackBerry fans, if priced correctly.

But exactly when will these BlackBerry 10 phones go on sale and where? Well, it appears that the folks over at The Verge have managed to answer these questions.

According to an internal Vodafone UK document, the carrier will start selling BlackBerry 10 devices as early as January 30, 5 PM.

We believe Vodafone UK will offer the BlackBerry Z10 for free on select plans starting from £47/€55/$74 per month.

However, customers who cannot afford to pay such an amount monthly can choose the cheapest plan option, £25/€29/$39, and pay the upfront £229/€267/$359 price that goes with it.

The same document mentions the BlackBerry Z10 will only be available in black at launch, but a white-themed version will be launched on the market in mid-February.

Last but not least, Vodafone UK confirms it will only sell BlackBerry 10 devices on various plan options or on no-term.

There won’t be any smartphones sold on PAYG (pay as you go) at launch, but they will certainly be added to the carrier’s PAYG portfolio at a later date.

Keep in mind that the first BlackBerry 10 devices will be up for purchase online on January 30 from 5 PM, but they will only arrive in stock at brick and mortar locations on January 31.

In the same piece of news, Vodafone UK states that both BlackBerry Z10 and N10 will only accept micro SIM cards, so you should take that into consideration before ordering one.


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