BlackBerry Q10 Sold Out in Less than 2 Hours at Selfridges

Approximately 2,000 units were sold in about 90 minutes

It looks like there's a slight chance that BlackBerry Q10 will be more popular than its Z10 predecessor. The smartphone has yet to be officially launched on the market, but there was one place BlackBerry fans could buy the Q10 this weekend.

According to Seeking Alpha, a high-end UK department store Selfridges was exclusively offering the BlackBerry Q10 yesterday.

Handled by Carphone Warehouse, the Selfridge store opened up at 9 am, but by then lots of people were waiting in line to get their favorite devices.

There were two kinds of customers, those who would buy single units and those who would buy multiple units, sometimes more than 20.

According to the cited source, customers were split in two categories for a better approach at handling the sales.

Well, it only took the Selfridge store around 90 minutes to sell its entire BlackBerry Q10 stock and there were still lots of customers standing in line waiting their turn to purchase the smartphone.

It seems that there were no less than 2,000 units available in stock, which means Carphone Warehouse's Selfridge store sold a little bit more than 22 units per minute.

This is only possible if some customers are buying multiple units, otherwise the stock would have lasted much longer.

BlackBerry Q10 is about to make its debut in the UK next week, on April 30. The smartphone will be available at multiple retailers and carriers from free on select plans.

Canadians will have to wait one more day to be able to get BlackBerry Q10, as the phone is scheduled for a May 1 release. The Q10 will arrive in the United States at a later date as well.

Unlike the Z10, BlackBerry Q10 offers both worlds, a touchscreen display and a traditional QWERTY keyboard. This is probably one of the reasons BlackBerry fans feel more attached to this device than the full-touch Z10.

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