BlackBerry Pearl 9100 in Live Images

No details available on when it might arrive

Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion seems to be ramping up for the launch of yet another sequel on the market, in the form of BlackBerry Pearl 9100, which follows the already popular BlackBerry Pearl 81xx Series smartphones. The upcoming handset, which is still unofficial, has just emerged in a series of live images, and one should agree that it has the looks.

The new mobile phone is reportedly coming to the market with 3G capabilities, and sports the codename of Striker. According to the guys over at crackberry, it looks like a narrowed down BlackBerry Bold 9700, yet one might notice from the available images that it comes with a SureType design and not with the full QWERTY keyboard as the Bold 2.

The specifications currently available on the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 are rather minimal, yet it seems that users will be able to enjoy a newly-designed battery, which should be a very good thing. The guys over at salomondrin also have a series of images with the new device available, and they call this beaty Blackberry Stratus (9100).

The photo snapper that will be included with the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is said to come with LED flash, and, as one might have expected already, the phone is also said to include an optical trackpad instead of a trackball. BlackBerry Pearl 9100 sports and overall glossy look, and should prove a quite appealing handset as soon as it arrives on the market, based on the now available photos with it.

Unfortunately, it seems that the exact details on when RIM might announce the availability of the new Pearl lack at the moment, yet it might not be too long before the phone makes an official appearance. However, until more solid info on this matter emerge, along with additional specifications and other images, one might want to take a look at the video below to make an idea on the BlackBerry Pearl 9100.


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