BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Now Available for Download

The application has just received a massive patch with lots of bug fixes

Research In Motion (RIM) has just updated its BlackBerry Messenger application to version This is the second massive BBM patch released in the last week.

The previous update was launched on November 23 and included quite a lot of fixes. Today, the folks over at CrackBerry, report that RIM has released a new version of BBM, which contains even more bug fixes.

In fact, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) comes with a huge list of changes, which is clear evidence that there are still quite a lot of things that need to be ironed out before a stable version could go live in the BlackBerry World, formerly known as App World.

Some of the most important bug fixes included in this update are detailed below:

- BBM will not launch;

- Users gets message "You can't make a call because you are in a Voice Chat" even when they aren't in a voice chat;

- No missed call message received when user receives a Voice chat while in a regular phone call;

- User appears deregistered after toggling Wi-Fi;

- No disconnection dialog when device is disconnected during calling or connecting state;

- RTP error when making a cell MVS call during a Voice chat and Voice chat didn't get dropped;

- While on BBM Voice call, MVS WiFi call comes in that shuts off audio in both calls;

- Cannot Register even after a reboot;

- All BBM contacts appeared unavailable when they are actually available;

- While recording a voice note, if an BBM Voice chat is initiated no audio is heard between devices;

- Wrong message appears when declining a Voice chat using "Reply in BBM" or using HW button;

- Groups Activity updates appear in Message List when specifically set not to appear;

- Wrong status message displayed after BBM Voice Invitation Timeout.

For the full list of changes included in this massive patch for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), check out the application on BlackBerry Beta Zone.

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