BlackBerry Dev Alpha C Units Distributed to Developers After January 30

These will help BlackBerry developers resize their apps to fit X10's display

Research In Motion plans to launch its BlackBerry 10 operating system on January 30. Along with it, the Canadian company will also launch at least one smartphone powered by the new platform.

For the time being, we know for sure RIM will make the BlackBerry Z10 official. The full-touch smartphone is expected to arrive on the market only next month, though we will have more details on price and availability in less than two weeks.

A second BlackBerry 10 device known as X10 might be released later this year. This one has already leaked a few times along with its specs sheet, so we know it will come with physical QWERTY keyboard. Still, there’s a chance that BlackBerry X10 will be unveiled on January 30 as well.

Until any of the two BlackBerry 10 devices hit shelves, RIM plans to distribute some prototypes to developers. These smartphones are called BlackBerry Dev Alpha C and strongly resemble the X10 model, which means they pack full QWERTY keyboard.

Victoria Berry, RIM’s spokesperson, told Business Financial Post that these Dev Alpha C keyboard prototypes will be given to developers after January 30 launch event.

BlackBerry developers already received full-touch Dev Alpha devices several weeks ago, but now they will be able to test new versions that pack QWERTY keyboards.

RIM’s move will ensure that both BlackBerry 10 devices will have enough applications available for download immediately after launch.

Developers will have to resize their apps to fit the size of the QWERTY-enabled prototype. The process might require a bit more work for game developers, but that is why RIM is offering these prototypes.

Other than that, no changes will be needed as both BlackBerry X10 and Z10 are expected to hit shelves with similar hardware configuration. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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