BlackBerry Colors the US

Or at least a part of it

Research In Motion (RIM) announced the availability of three new colors for the stylish BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphone. The colors are blue, pale gold and sunset (red), available in US via T-Mobile. From now on, users will have five distinct color options to choose from (the new ones, plus the already known black and white).

BlackBerry Pearl is a smartphone that quickly became very popular, bringing an innovative combination of e-mail and multimedia features with a beautiful and smart design. The Pearl allows you to enjoy a music player and a video camera and, being myFavesSM-enabled, it gives you easy, one-touch access to your favorite contacts. Its simple to use interface proved to be great for business professionals as well as smartphone users.

Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at RIM, said: "The BlackBerry Pearl has changed the way many people think about BlackBerry smartphones and has become one of the most popular products we've ever released. Consumers and business professionals alike have been drawn to its unique combination of powerful features and ultra-sleek design. With three stylish new colors and attractive new pricing options, the BlackBerry Pearl is a more intriguing choice than ever for T-Mobile customers."

Following the three new additions to its BlackBerry smartphones line-up, T-Mobile will introduce an affordable service option for the BlackBerry phones: users will be able to add an unlimited BlackBerry email only service, for $9.99 per month, and access personal e-mail accounts like Gmail, Yahoo or AOL.

"Our customers love the BlackBerry Pearl for its great design and feature-set. And for those customers initially drawn to the sleek look of the device, the new personal email service plan really lets them experience the BlackBerry Pearl's easy-to-use email features at a compelling price", said Leslie Grandy, Vice President of Product Development at T-Mobile USA.

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