BlackBerry 10 Already Sees Great Demand in Canada

Rogers confirms that a great deal of users have registered for the OS

BlackBerry 10, Research In Motion’s next-generation mobile operating system, is set to become official on January 30, but it seems that users are already interested in the purchase of devices powered by it.

In fact, Canadian wireless carrier Rogers confirms that a great deal of users have already registered their interest in the purchase of BlackBerry 10 devices.

The carrier has opened up reservations for the platform back in December, and other operators in Canada have already followed suit.

“While we can’t release the total number of reservations we have received for the BlackBerry 10 all-touch device, we can say that customer interest is definitely strong and reservations continue daily,” Rogers reportedly told BGR.

Research In Motion has been through a series of rough quarters lately, greatly affected by the increased popularity of rival operating systems such as Android and iOS (and even Windows Phone in the past months), but it seems that things are set to change soon.

BlackBerry 10 will arrive on shelves as a revolutionary OS when compared to previous platform versions from RIM, and the pieces of info that the company has showcased so far on it managed to appeal to users a lot.

The handset vendor confirmed full-touch BlackBerry 10 devices for the January 30 event, while also saying that QWERTY-enabled phones would be launched soon after, and leaked photos of these handsets showed an appealing new design being adopted by the company.

For the time being, things look at bit better for the troubled smartphone designer, especially courtesy of the increased interest that enthusiasts have shown in the OS, though it remains to be seen how well its devices will perform once they land on shelves.

The competition on the mobile phone market will tighten even more this year, especially with new high-end, full HD Android phones unveiled at CES 2013, and with Microsoft and its partners planning better Windows Phone 8 smartphones for the coming months.

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