BlackBerry 10 Accessories Emerge Online

Cases, shells, replacement batteries and other products are being prepped for the platform

By on December 4th, 2012 00:31 GMT

Research In Motion’s BlackBerry 10 smartphones won’t arrive on shelves alone, but they will be accompanied by various accessories as well.

A leaked slideshow that emerged over at shows that RIM is already preparing various cases for these devices, along with replacement batteries and more.

Said list shows accessories such as a BlackBerry 10 Transform Shell, BB10 Flip Shell, Holster and BB10 Leather Pocket, along with BB10 LS-1 Battery and BB10 Battery Charging Bundle.

Furthermore, there is a BB10 Multimedia Dock, listed there, which is said to be a charging dock similar to those available for the Storm and Torch devices.

Furthermore, the leaked slide unveils the fact that RIM will make some of these accessories available in a multitude of colors, including (Red, Grey, Black and White. Unfortunately, no specific info on release dates and pricing has been provided as of now.