Black Silicon to Revolutionize Solar Industry

Black silicon technology will be exploited to make the solar-powered systems profitable

Scientists from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have come up with a black silicon technology, seeking to make solar power more competitive with other types of energy over the next decade.

New Jersey-based Natcore will benefit from their findings, exploring the new path to launch a new generation of products, cheaper and much more advanced.

The silicon wafer licensed recently could count as a game-changer on the market of solar-powered appliances, since experts talk about potential improvements posed by infra-red imaging systems and night-vision.

According to its developers, the material displays a sensitivity to light up to 500 times bigger than its predecessor, the common, widely-used silicon detectors.

Financial benefits are also expected, since cell processing costs could decrease by 8%, due to the ingenious invention.

The collaboration between NREL and Natcore aims to make the black silicon technology even more affordable while boosting a new generation of solar cells  more energy-efficient, harnessing optimal amounts of sunlight throughout the entire day.

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