Black Lab Linux Enterprise and Black Lab Linux Education 5.0.3 Officially Released

Both operating systems are available for purchase from the project's website

PC OpenSystems LLC had the pleasure of informing us earlier today, July 7, about the brand-new maintenance releases of the commercial Black Lab Linux Education and Black Lab Linux Enterprise operating systems.

The 5.0.3 release of the Enterprise and Education editions of the Black Lab Linux distribution is here to keep these operating systems stable and reliable for small and medium-sized business, as well as for various educational institutions, such as schools and universities.

It includes a brand-new streamlined visual experience by updating the graphical desktop environment at the request of the customers to a more modern look and feel, while keeping it user-friendly.

In addition, the kernel packages have been updated to the latest upstream stable releases, in order to provide support for more devices and hardware components. The kernel packages included in Black Lab Linux Enterprise and Black Lab Linux Education editions will be supported until 2019.

“Black Lab Linux for Enterprise and Black Lab Linux for Education are commercially supported Linux distributions targeted towards desktop computing. While other Linux distributions focus on the server our sole focus is on the desktop. We have many customers who use Black Lab Linux in different industries. Science, education, law enforcement, music, film and warehouse.”

“With these releases we bring some important major updates to the Black Lab Linux OS. Although an incremental release we bring some changes. We once again prove why Black Lab Linux is an important IT upgrade to your school or business,” was stated in the official release announcement.

It is also important to mention here that the Mozilla Thunderbird application is used as a groupware client in the two commercial editions of Black Lab Linux, and it has received support for Google Apps, a translation utility for translating emails, and complete calendar functionality.

Moreover, Wine has been updated to a recent version that allows users to run mission critical Windows applications on top of the Black Lab Linux distribution, support for Windows Terminal Services has been added through RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), as well as through the Citrix client.

Last but not least, a command-line installer has been added for installing the OS on a headless server, support for new app drawers has been added, as well as web app support, along with support for Nvidia CUDA and Android development.

Both Black Lab Linux Enterprise 5.0.3 and Black Lab Linux Education 5.0.3 operating system are available for purchase from the project’s website. Prices start from $50 (37 EUR) for 1 seat and a 12 month subscription, and are distributed as Live USB flash drives or Live SD cards.

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