Black Lab Linux 4.1.9 KDE Is Based on a Heavily Modified Kubuntu

The latest version of this distribution can be downloaded from Softpedia

Black Lab Linux, a distribution that is better known after its previous name, OS/4 OpenLinux, is now available with a new KDE flavor.

Up until now, the developers of OS/4 OpenLinux, and now Black Lab Linux, have been putting KDE on backburner, but now they are determined to make KDE a frontline release.

“While KDE was our secondary desktop and only had an occasional focused release, KDE will have a refocus. We will have a KDE and XFCE based release for every major and incremental release. Our optimized KDE will become the default desktop for Black Lab Enterprise Linux and Black Lab Enterprise Server,” reads the official announcement.

As you would expect, the distribution is based on Kubuntu, but the operating system has been heavily modified in order to accommodate the Black Lab design.

“With this release we focus on optimizing KDE so that it runs on the same class of hardware as our XFCE release. We also work on providing the same tools as our XFCE release so we have a mix of QT and GTK based apps. With this release we have also updated the kernel and contains all the bug fixes and driver database as our main release,” the devs state.

Highlights of Black Lab Linux 4.1.9 KDE:

• The distribution is using a modified KDE 4.11.3;

• The Muon Software Center and the Muon Package Installer have been implemented;

• The Gimp image editor has been added;

• The default Internet browser is Chromium 31;

• The Steam Client has been added by default. This should be great news for the gaming fans;

• The Thunderbird email client is now the default email application;

• Digikam has been added;

• Other major applications included are Krusader, the Lightning Extension, Dropbox, Libreoffice, VLC, and JuK.

Check the official announcement for more details about this released. Download Black Lab Linux 4.1.9 KDE right now from Softpedia.

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