Black Friday Alert: Windows 8 for Just $48 (€37.5)

This is the right time to make the move to Windows 8

There are several ways to upgrade to Windows 8, including a $15 (€11.5) online service, but the upcoming Black Friday comes with some very interesting deals on Microsoft’s latest operating system.

A scan of a Black Friday Tiger Direct newspaper ad reveals that Windows 8 will be sold in this store for only $48 (€37.5), down from the original $69.99 (€55) price tag.

It’s a limited offer whatsoever, so those looking for a bargain should know that Tiger Direct sells Windows 8 at the aforementioned price for just one hour, starting at 1 PM.

In addition, Black Friday also comes with special deals for the OEM boxed Windows 8, which will be sold in Tiger Direct stores for $79.99 (€62.5). The Windows 8 Pro version will have a price tag of $119.99 (€94).

Microsoft is yet to announce a special Black Friday deal for Windows 8, but it seems like the Redmond-based technology company really needs one given the sales performance of its new OS.

Sources familiar with the matter have hinted that Microsoft’s officials already call Windows 8 a disappointing product within the Redmond campus, as sales of the refreshed operating system remain well below expectations.

The PC market is at fault for the slow Windows 8 sales, CEO Steve Ballmer reportedly said, as the number of Windows 8 devices currently available in both the US and the rest of the world remains pretty small.

This is going to change in 2013, however, as analysts have already predicted a moderate recovery for the PC industry and, consequently, for Windows 8.

In the meantime, Microsoft must face an avalanche of criticism coming from Windows 8 adopters, as several Windows Update glitches block them from patching their systems.

The same happens with the Surface RT too, Microsoft’s first tablet in history that runs Windows RT, as software issues cause sound and Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

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