Black Friday 2012: Fight Erupts at Walmart, over Smartphones

This Friday, Walmart sold 5,000 items per second, totaling 10 million sales

Footage shot at Walmart during Black Friday 2012, on November 23, reveals a shopper stampede, as many push and literally fight over smartphones.

It's shocking to watch how phone aficionados and bargain-hunters claw and scream at each other, as a mob forms at Walmart. Men, women and children scream, while they are trampling on eachother.

I can spot security guards in the background, trying to contain the large mass of shoppers. Sirens are heard, as police officers are brought in to handle the Black Friday craze.

I guess sales really do make people act like animals, which proves fruitful for the retailers. Newsfeed relays a statement by the superstore chain reps, in which they dub this Black Friday Walmart’s “best-ever.”

“Walmart processed nearly 10 million register transactions and almost 5,000 items per second,” it reads.

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