Bittorent Client Vuze Brings New Options

The application is now capable of detecting if the users is running a VPN connection

Vuze Client, an end-to-end application that acts as a complete Bittorrent downloader without slowing down the computer, is now at version

Vuze Bittorrent Client is relatively lightweight and can be used to download torrents and even act as a search engine.

The application features a few important options such as Metasearch, a way of finding torrents without having to actually open the websites in an Internet browser.

We reviewed Vuze a while ago and found out that although it comes with an impressive array of features, it will only appeal to the regular users as the application is a little cumbersome and difficult to use.

Highlights of Vuze

• The 'move do not download files to a subfolder' feature has been removed because it was “misbehaving”;

• A 'pause for' (or 'resume after') option has been added to the File menu to temporarily suspend downloads for a time period;

• An option to prevent automatic copy to iTunes, after conversion to allow tagging, has been added;

• An option to place 'do not download' stub files into a subdirectory has been implemented (it's currently limited to downloads with less than or equal to 2048 files);

• The ability to prefer the IPv4 stack, to help with some connection issues on Java 1.7, has been added;

• Vuze now attempts to detect if the user is running over a VPN and will provide a prompt to bind to the VPN interface for increased privacy;

• The ability to specify alternative DNS servers (default=Google DNS), to be used when resolving SOCKS proxies, has been added;

• Vuze now detects if an explicitly bound interface is present when the user starts the application;

• The option to close Vuze/perform computer power functions, when transcoding completes, has been added.

Check out the changelog for a complete list of updates and new features.

Download Vuze right now from Softpedia.

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