Bitdefender Warns of Various Bank of America Scams

Phishing, malware and advance fee schemes have been identified

Security firm Bitdefender is warning Internet users about various Bank of America scam emails that have been making the rounds since Anonymous hackers leaked information related to the financial institution.

One of the emails, entitled “Online Banking Passcode Modified,” attempts to lure recipients to a RedKit exploit kit website by trying to get them to click on a link.

Another variant, titled “Online Banking Passcode Modified” informs potential victims of a $15 million (11.5 million EUR) transfer to a US treasury account.

In this case, the cybercriminals aren’t attempting to distribute malware. Instead, they’re trying to convince users to pay a $750 (575 EUR) fee that’s needed to complete the transaction.

Notifications bearing the subject lines “Bank of America Alert: Suspicious Activities on your Account!” and “Bank of America Alert: Sign-in to Online Banking Locked” are used to trick BoA customers into handing over their personal and financial details.

A different phishing scam starts with emails called “Reminder: Bank of America Customer Survey.” Links from these notifications don’t lead to a survey, but to a website that’s set up to harvest information.

Check out the gallery below to see what the emails look like.


Bank of America scam emails (4 Images)

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