Bitdefender Launches Enterprise Security Management System GravityZone

The general availability of the product was announced at the RSA Conference

At the 2013 RSA Conference, Bitdefender unveiled GravityZone, an enterprise solution that allows organizations to centrally manage all their physical, virtual and mobile endpoints.

The Romanian security firm is doing quite well as far as products for home users are concerned. However, the company is also trying to get on top of the enterprise solutions market. GravityZone appears to be an important step in that direction.

GravityZone – which includes Security for Virtualized Environments, Security for Endpoints, and Security for Mobile Devices – provides IT departments, security managers, system integrators and policy makers with a highly scalable centralized management system.

Any or all of three services can be deployed, depending on the customer’s needs. Adding new services is done from the central console.

The product can be easily integrated with VMware vCenter, Microsoft Active Directory, Citrix XenServer.

It’s worth noting that the solution is powered by Bitdefender’s award winning technologies that have proven themselves to be highly efficient on numerous occasions.

“GravityZone represents a major shift in thinking about security management for endpoints and delivers a turnkey solution like no other on the market. Many companies turn to point solutions that require too much care and maintenance,” said Shaun Donaldson, director of Global Alliances, Bitdefender.

“Competitive solutions characteristically require long and cumbersome timeframes for deployment and are not easily scalable. GravityZone delivers on the vision that enterprises need to centralize and manage quickly without draining resources on deployment and on-going maintenance,” Donaldson added.

“GravityZone was architected based on our highly popular Gravity Architecture, developed by our teams in 2010. We determined the innovation behind Gravity Architecture would help enterprises manage and control all endpoints in a single system, reduce the need for point solutions, resources and time for deployment, and allow updates, changes, and policies to propagate easily across the enterprise.”

Here is a presentation of GravityZone’s benefits:

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