BitTorrent and uTorrent Now Have 100 Million Monthly Users

BitTorrent, the company behind the uTorrent and the BitTorrent Mainline client, has announced that its two products now have over 100 million monthly active users. The company also shared other impressive numbers showing that the protocol is as popular as ever.

"This is an exciting day for our team. Our vision is to build a complete technology ecosystem comprised of software, content and devices, designed to connect modern content creators with a massive digital audience," Eric Klinker, CEO of BitTorrent, said.

"This milestone highlights the size of our user base and the power of our software," he added.

BitTorrent revealed that, each day, over 20 million people use either uTorrent or BitTorrent Mainline, the successor of the original client.

BitTorrent, the company, was cofounded by the creator of the BitTorrent protocol and the original BitTorrent client software.

In 2006 the company acquired the very popular uTorrent client and has since developed both products in parallel, though the Mainline client is now nothing more than a rebranded uTorrent.

Now, over 400,000 people download one of the clients each day and users from 220 countries run uTorrent or BitTorrent on any given day.

While uTorrent is the most popular BitTorrent client out there, there are plenty of alternatives out there so the number of BitTorrent users should be significantly higher than the 100 million reported by the company.

Despite the success of the protocol and the clients, BitTorrent the company still hasn't found a solid revenue stream besides the BitTorrent toolbars installed optionally.

The toolbars keep the company going, but things may change if the app store BitTorrent is working on for uTorrent takes off. The company also experimented with distributing a number of films directly with the client.

Pioneer One, Yes Men and Four Eyed Monsters were bundled with uTorrent enabling users to download then with a couple of clicks.

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