BitTorrent Trackers Disrupted by DDOS Attacks Launched by Unhappy Hacker

The attacker initiated the operation because refused to give him an invite

A number of seven popular private BitTorrent trackers have been disrupted by distributed denial-of-service attacks launched against them. A hacker called Zeiko Anonymous has taken credit for the attacks.

The targets are IPTorrents,,, HDBits,, The Vault and SceneAccess, TorrentFreak informs.

On November 9, the attacker became displeased with the fact that hadn’t given him an invite, so he attempted to persuade them by attacking the site.

In the upcoming days, he turned his attention to the other BitTorrent trackers as well, disrupting their operations one by one.

Currently, most of the affected sites appear to be back online, but it has taken them some time to recover after the attacks. For instance, representatives re-launched the service only 5 hours ago.

The hacker has deleted all his tweets and claims that the operation is cancelled.

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