BitTorrent Deal with 20 TV Makers Yields Peer-to-Peer Video

No longer will the service be restricted to file downloads

For all the fuss over piracy, BitTorrent and all the programs used to download files through peer-to-peer methods don't seem to be any worse off than a few years ago. If anything, it is the opposite.

In fact, the concept of downloading files from everyone else connected to a torrent, at once, is branching into peer-to-peer media streaming.

BitTorrent CEO Eric Kinkler, during an exchange with Multichannel News, revealed that pacts had been signed between the company and 20 makers of consumer electronics devices.

These agreements stipulate that peer-to-peer service for media streaming will be installed on new TV sets.

Some of the TVs will ship before the end of the year even (2012). Most will be sold in Asia and Europe though, since UE builders have video streaming deals with Netflix and other such services.

We should learn more details about how and why this idea works later on.

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