BitSoup Hacked, Attackers Claim They’ve Alerted Authorities of Wrongdoings

The site's owners are determined to make some important changes by January 2013

Private BitTorrent tracker BitSoup has been under attack for the past couple of weeks by hackers who claim to be part of Anonymous. The attackers say they've found evidence that the website’s owners have misused the money raised through a Hurricane Sandy fundraiser.

According to TorrentFreak, when they first gained access to the site, the hackers modified the upload/download ratios of users in an effort to cut off the donations made by customers.

BitSoup customers whose sharing ratio is low can make a donation instead of uploading content in order to avoid being banned. So, by altering accounts, the attackers were hoping that they could get people to stop donating to the service.

However, BitSoup representatives rushed to mitigate the effects of the attack and even added 800 GB to the account of each member.

When they saw that their first approach hadn’t worked, the hackers started accusing BitSoup owners of misusing the money donated by members for Hurricane Sandy victims.

They even sent out emails to members, telling them about the BitTorrent site’s alleged wrongdoings.

“You have abused the freedom of the internet, the good faith of your members and the dire needs of disaster victims to raise money for yourself,” they wrote.

Furthermore, they even claimed that they notified PayPal and the police.

BitSoup representatives have highlighted the fact that they’ve never had any run-ins with authorities. They’ve also revealed that starting with January 2013 they will make some major improvements to the site.

One of the changes includes moving the domain to in order to make it harder for any government to shut them down.

This isn’t the first time this month when a so-called Anonymous hacker disrupts torrent websites. A few weeks ago, numerous sites were temporarily disrupted, including, The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, BitSnoop and Fenopy, by an individual who claimed to be part of Anonymous.

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