Birds Found Covered in Oil Additive Will Soon Be Released Back into the Wild

The birds are expected to soon make a full recovery

Not long ago, officials in Dorset, Cornwall, Hampshire and Sussex stumbled over more than 300 birds that needed urgent veterinarian care following their somehow getting covered in oil additive.

At that point, the birds were rushed to a local RSPCA facility, where both staff and veterinarians made sure that everything was being done to save their lives.

Recent news on this topic says that, while some of these birds have passed away, the remainder are to soon make a full recovery.

Furthermore, it looks like it will not be long until several dozens of these birds, i.e. the ones now granted access to an outdoor pool, are allowed to return to the wild.

“Overall about 200 birds survived, which can be anticipated for this type of incident. We will be weighing the birds who have been allowed outside and if all is well they could be released in a couple of weeks,” argued Peter Venn, one of the people in charge of looking after these birds.

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