Bipolar Grandma Shot Self, Grandsons, Mother Had Prompted Amber Alert

Debra Denison left a suicide note before turning the gun to herself

A shocking case of murder-suicide case in Stonington, Connecticut is making headlines, as a 47-year-old shot herself and her two grandchildren in a parking lot.

Debra Denison fatally shot her two grandsons, after an Amber Alert was issued, mentioning that they were missing.

According to the Stonington Patch, she used a .38-caliber handgun to shoot the 2-year-old and 6-month-old boys, near the Lake of Isles golf course. She then turned the gun to herself, reports are saying.

While police are confirming that she has left a suicide note, the contents of the letter have not been made public as of yet.

On Tuesday, February 26, the boys' mother, Brenda Perry called the police to let them know that the children are missing. She also mentioned that their grandmother had picked them up from day care and had driven off with them.

Authorities issued an Amber Alert and started a search for the missing children, who were taken in a 2002 White Chrysler Town & Country minivan.

Connecticut court records revealed that she had one prior criminal conviction for reckless driving, dating back to 2003.

In the claim, Perry described that Denison is "bipolar and has medical conditions," and had taken a gun with her at that time.

The woman reportedly picked up the kids from the Kidds and Co. day care in North Stonington, on the day that marked Alton Perry's second birthday.

Co-owner Christine Hare told authorities that she was notified about the grandmother picking up the children that day, as she had done on other past occasions.

Police and EMTs responded to a 911 call at Lake of Isles about a parked car with human bodies inside, finding the minivan stationed near Lake of Isles. They have confirmed the identities of the victims.

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