Biostar and Gigabyte Announce AMD Kaveri APU Support on Motherboards

Their A88X, A78 and A55 Based FM2+ boards can all handle the chips

Advanced Micro Devices has finally made the official introduction of its Kaveri Accelerated Processing Units, so, naturally, its OEMs are announcing support for it too.

The A10-7850K, A10-7700K and A8-7600 all have four CPU cores and either 6 or 8 GPU cores as well.

They work on the FM2+ socket, which is provided by the A88X, A78 and A55 (rev.3) chipsets.

Biostar and Gigabyte were among the mainboard makers to most quickly announce Kaveri-ready mainboards.

AMD FM2+ will replace AM3+ and FM2 mainboard in 2014. AMD will not launch a new socket this year, and probably not next year either.

Biostar's mainboards come with BIOSTAR Audio+, Video+, Speed+, Protection+, Durability+ and DIY+ technologies, while Gigabyte has its own suite of perks like DualBIOS, 2x Copper PCB design, One-Fuse-per-Port USB, etc.


Biostar and Gigabyte FM2+ motherboards (2 Images)

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