Bioshock Infinite on Linux Request Gets Major Support on Official Forum and Reddit

Users are showing their support for a Linux version of the latest Bioshock

Bioshock Infinite was launched on March 26 by Irrational Games and 2K, and it was even confirmed for Mac OS. Gamers are now asking for a Linux version on the official forum.

Ever since Steam for Linux was launched, people have started to expect Linux versions, but so far there hasn't been any major title made available on the open source platform.

[admark=1]Until now, when a major Windows game was launched, Linux users would usually bend over backwards to make the game work through Wine. In the past couple of years, the Wine support has gotten better and a lot of titles have become playable.

Now that the Linux games have gotten a taste of the real native gameplay, it's not easy to see that one of best games ever released in the history of gaming is being ported to Mac OS, and not on Linux.

A user has started a new topic of the official Irrational Games forum, in which he kindly requests a Linux port. The support for this proposal has been quite generous, if we keep in mind that the forum is not really all that active. Also, the popular discussion boardReddit is already brimming with activity on the subject.

The user also went through all the trouble of putting together a list of pros for Irrational Games. He cites the fact that the Steambox (Valve's rumored console) will run on Linux, and that various other developers, such as Double Fine, already chose to invest into the open source platform.

The most compelling argument is about the game's engine. Bioshock Infinite is built on a modified version of Unreal 3. This engine didn't have a Linux port, until very recently, when Dungeon Defenders came out.

It would be foolhardy to think that 2K games will invest the money and time for a Linux port, but it can't hurt to dream. You can show your support for a Linux version of Bioshock Infinite on the official forum.

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