Biometric Flash Drive Stores Your Codes, Needs Your Cash

The myIDkey is one of Kickstarter's latest projects

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We've been seeing lots of cool new projects on Kickstarter lately, like the astonishingly popular and successful 3Doodler 3D Printer Pen and the tiny finger mouse called mycestro.

Arkami Inc. has now made its own contribution in the form of the myIDkey Bluetooth flash drive.

The wireless connectivity compatible with everything from PCs to smartphones would have been enough of a selling point on its own.

Arkami wanted to do better though, so it added an on-board fingerprint scanner and a microphone, turning it into what essentially amounts to a biometric Bluetooth flash drive storage unit.

Passwords can be stored for various services, and the microphone can be used to recall them by voice.

It is a good way to store bank card details, for instance. The fingerprint scanner makes sure you're you, and your words retrieve the exact account details. Passwords can be copied on the drive from a PC easily.

The drive can also act as an automatic key to connected devices.

Arkami needs to gather $150,000 / 111,765 Euro in order to make the idea reality. Learn more and/or pledge your support here.


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