BioShock Infinite Won’t Feature Multiplayer, Creator Says

It's official: the game won't have any sort of online mode

By on November 26th, 2012 12:35 GMT

Ken Levine, the creator of the BioShock franchise and the creative director for BioShock Infinite, has confirmed that the new game won’t feature any kind of multiplayer experience.

BioShock Infinite is out at the beginning of 2013 and there have been quite a few rumors recently that have claimed developer Irrational Games prototypes different multiplayer experiences for the game.

Now, the game’s Creative Director, Ken Levine, has confirmed on his Twitter that there won’t be any sort of multiplayer in BioShock Infinite.

He was asked several times by his followers and he explicitly stated that there wouldn’t be a multiplayer mode in BioShock Infinite, so it seems that none of the rumored prototypes has actually made it into the final game.

Are you thrilled with this reveal or were you hoping to see at least some sort of online mode in BioShock Infinite?

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You won't play BioShock Infinite with others
   You won't play BioShock Infinite with others