BioShock Infinite Will Recapture Rapture Magic

Columbia is very different but tackles similar themes

BioShock Infinite has been delayed two times already and the team working on it at Irrational Games wants to assure fans that the extra development time results in an experience that manages to recapture the magic of the first title in the series.

Shawn Elliott, one of the level designers working on Infinite, tells The Official Xbox Magazine that, “but we don't have to pull the same tricks off again, we're able to change the context, we're able to defy a great deal of expectation, in terms of how the story unfolds, you know?”

When the first BioShock launched, the gaming world was impressed with the Rapture, the underwater city it created and populated with some very interesting characters.

For Infinite, Irrational Games is developing Columbia, a flying island that’s inhabited by a number of political factions that are all after the same girl.

Elliott underlines the differences between the two settings, adding, “Because instead of being in this subterranean city, that's got a very thick and heavy, art deco, architectural motif, it's light and airy, it's about moving at high speed through this environment where the buildings themselves are moving around, shifting.”

Irrational will also give players more freedom to move around using the new skyline system that unites the various areas of Columbia.

The team is also keen to make BioShock Infinite part of a wider family of games, which includes Far Cry 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Dishonored, who are trying to re-define the modern shooter in innovative ways.

In Infinite, players will inhabit the persona of Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton detective who explores Columbia in order to save Elizabeth.

The game will tackle a number of subjects ranging from religion and politics to racism and American exceptionalism.

BioShock Infinite launches in May on home consoles and the PC.

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