BioShock Infinite Delayed to March 26, 2013

The game needs more time for polish work and bug fixes

Ken Levine, the leader of Irrational Games, reveals that his much-awaited BioShock Infinite has been delayed once more and is now set to be launched on the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the PC on March 26 of 2013.

The developer tells a number of representatives from the media: “Let's start with the bad news,” before showing off new gameplay from his game.

He adds, “The game has to be the best game it could possibly be.”

It seems that one of the main drivers behind the decision to delay BioShock Infinite was Rod Fergusson, the former Epic Games executive that was recently hired by Irrational Games.

The entire team believes that the game experience would benefit greatly from a few more weeks dedicated to both bug fixing and general polishing work.

Initially, BioShock Infinite was set to be launched on all platforms during this fall, but in May publisher 2K Games announced that it would be pushed back to February 26 of 2013.

The reason was that some core elements of the game required more work before their quality was satisfactory.

Since then, BioShock Infinite has also lost its multiplayer mode, which is not a good fit for the overall universe the game is building.

A number of members of the development team have also left Irrational Games, which might be a sign of creative differences inside the studio.

BioShock Infinite will allow players to star as Booker DeWitt, a former detective from the Pinkerton agency, who is sent to the flying island of Columbia in order to find and extract a girl called Elizabeth who has some very special powers.

Recently, the game creators have unveiled the cover for the game, which is occupied by DeWitt himself. The player base has criticized the decision to ignore Elizabeth altogether.

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