Bing’s Search Share Gains 7 Percent in June, Google Loses 1 Percent

Overall, the market was static

The search market share numbers for June have started to come and Hitwise is showing Google dominating the space with over 70 percent of the searches conducted last month. Bing is shown seeing a 7 percent growth in search volume, getting close to a 10 percent market share. Overall, according to Hitwise numbers, the market has been pretty static in June in the US.

“Google accounted for 71.65 percent of all U.S. searches conducted in the four weeks ending June 26, 2010. Yahoo! Search, Bing and Ask received 14.37 percent, 9.85 percent and 2.19 percent, respectively. The remaining 70 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 1.94 percent of U.S. searches,” Hitwise announced.

Google’s small drop is well within limits and is very likely not an indication of any trend in the search market. These fluctuations are natural from month to month. Likewise, Bing’s numbers have to be taken in that context, though Microsoft’s search engine did see a rather consistent growth spur, compared to its size.

And in Bing’s cases, the positive numbers follow several months of steady growth. The search engine did introduce a couple of new features in June and has benefited from the same aggressive marketing Microsoft has been using since it was launched. A couple of new or improved verticals, like Health and Social Search, may have also contributed to the rise in traffic.

In fact, several Bing verticals have seen a tremendous year-over-year growth. “Bing saw triple-digit growth in three categories - Automotive, Shopping and Travel - including a 199 percent increase in the Shopping category,” the announcement read. Overall though, Google was the main source of traffic for the four categories Hitwise focused on, Automotive, Health, Shopping and Travel with an overwhelming majority. Despite Bing’s impressive growth, Google’s market share is still ten times larger in some specific areas.


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