Bing for Mobile Blackberry App Updated

Bing for Mobile BlackBerry application has just gotten better, with a nice range of enhancements included in a new release that was announced on the Bing Community blogs today.

According to the announcement, the new software solution comes with the option of accessing Bing Maps through simply pressing the Bing Maps icon straight from one's Blackberry mobile phone.

At the same time, the development team announced a series of other updates brought to the home screen, complemented by a launcher for fast access to local, maps, directions and news.

“We have recently updated the Bing for Mobile Blackberry app. You can now access Bing Maps by pressing the Bing Maps icon from your Blackberry device. We have also updated the home screen and added a launcher so you can access local, maps, directions and news faster,” the said blog post reads.

Those BlackBerry users who might have never installed the mobile tool on their devices would find it available for download through visiting straight from their BlackBerry smartphones.

However, BlackBerry owners on Verizon's network will receive a notification on when the update for the Bing for Mobile Blackberry app is available for them.

The software solution comes with support for a wide range of handsets from Research In Motion, both on handsets featuring touchscreen displays, and on devices without the feature.

The list of supported phones includes: BlackBerry Curve 8500, Curve 2 8520/8530, Bold 9000, Tour 9600, Bold 9650 (Essex), Bold 9700 (Bold2), Pearl Flip 8200, Storm 9530, and Storm 9550 (Storm2).

Additional info on the Bing for Mobile Blackberry app is available in the video published on the said blog post, created specifically to offer a good overview of the Bing-dedicated tool's features.

It's a common fact that the Bing for Mobile Blackberry app is not the only mobile software solution available for handset owners interested in trying out Bing features while on the go.


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