Bing Maps Now with Live, Local Weather Conditions

Through WeatherBug application

Bing Maps is gaining more and more popularity with Internet users lately, the platform being constantly enhanced with new functionalities. The latest addition, which was released to the public on Monday, June 14, is WeatherBug for Bing Maps App, developed by a prominent provider of extensive weather services and creator of a well-known weather observation network in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation.

Chris Sloop, Chief Technology Officer of WeatherBug, said: “The interactive weather app we designed for Bing Maps provides users with the most precise weather information they need through a simple-to-use tool. We worked closely with Microsoft to deliver an optimal experience on the Bing Maps platform and are confident this will be essential content used frequently by Bing Maps users.”

This innovative app comes with multi-layered weather details that will bring accurate conditions for numerous location provided by the company's network while it will also offer observation information from more than 45,000 global locations.

Using the new addition, Bing Maps will enable users to access weather information via interactive map overlays such as U.S. Doppler Radar or worldwide satellite imagery. When pinpointing a map location, WeatherBug for Bing Maps App will instantly display forecasts for two-day periods including the average temperature, highest and lowest values, as well as the speed and direction of the wind. Another benefit of this app is that it also provides access to real-time and time-lapsed camera views from all neighboring weather stations. Additionally, the app can be used with no charge by its users and will display advertising messages.

Chris Pendleton, Community Evangelist for Bing at Microsoft, believes this application will integrate seamlessly within Bing Maps since users are very interested in weather forecasts and current values. Not only will this program display accurate local information, but it will also feature an attractive interface that can be easily managed by everyone, regardless of their Internet skills or web proficiency. Furthermore, Pendleton suggests that this information will come in handy for making plans for short-term vacations.

WeatherBug for Windows can be downloaded from Softpedia via this link.

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