Bing Autosuggest Now Offers Breaking News and Hot Trending Queries

After the most recent update to the search/decision engine

Microsoft is continually improving its search/decision engine, and the latest enhancement introduced is designed to help users find what they’re looking for with more ease and to spend less time and effort with queries and the results generated. In this regard, the Redmond company has informed that the Autosuggest feature in Bing is now able to serve additional results to user searches after content incorporated was grown with the addition of breaking news and hot trending information. Bing Autosuggest is the feature behind the menu that pops up under the search field as queries are entered, suggesting additional options in relation to the text typed by end users.

“We recently incorporated breaking news and hot trending queries within autosuggest. Updated every 15 minutes, trending queries balance timeliness and relevance to connect you with the most prominent or topical events happening now,” revealed Kindra Mason and Robert Williams - Bing product managers.

The move is designed to make Bing stand out and differentiate itself even more compared to search engine rivals as a decision engine. Microsoft is essentially attempting to improve the accuracy of results returned to searches. “Our research shows that approximately 45% of search queries result in either a user conducting an immediate re-query, or abandoning the page altogether. We at Bing are continually improving the performance of autosuggest to reduce these problems,” Mason added.

Relevancy has been the backbone of Microsoft’s decision-engine overhaul of its previously plain vanilla search engine. The promise, as the company killed Live Search and moved to Bing, was that the latter would help users find what they’re looking for, instead of producing useless blue links.

“Over the past couple months the Bing team has been working hard to make your search journey a bit easier. One of the ways we have tried to do that is through improvements to autosuggest. Autosuggest helps you get to results faster by suggesting words or phrases that match the first few keystrokes of your search. These suggestions help you type less and get you on your way to better search results faster,” Mason said.

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