Billionaire Sells Canned Fresh Air to People in China

Human society simply must start taking better care of the environment, Chen Guangbiao says

Back in last year's September, I reported on how a Chinese billionaire and philanthropist had come up with a rather innovative business idea: that of selling fresh air.

Courtesy of China's ongoing air pollution crisis, Chen Guangbiao is now back in the spotlight.

Thus, his cans of fresh air are now more popular than ever, seeing how this natural resource has pretty much become a commodity in several of the country's regions.

Interestingly enough, Chen Guangbiao hopes that soon enough both China and several other nations will agree to take drastic measures in terms of cutting down on the amounts of harmful compounds they release in the atmosphere on a yearly basis.

According to Digital Spy, his exact words on the matter at hand were as follows: “2012 did not bring the end of the world but if human beings keep consuming resources, keep polluting the environment, I think Doomsday will arrive.”

Just for the record, Chen Guangbiao's canned fresh air comes in several different flavors, such as pristine Tibet, post-industrial Taiwan and revolutionary Yan'an.

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