Billboard Pulls Drinkable Water out of Thin Air

Lima, Peru, got a good idea for dealing with the desert around it

By on February 23rd, 2013 10:53 GMT

The local University of Engineering and Technology from Lima, Peru, has created a very special billboard by working with Mayo DraftFCB.

For those unaware, Lima is the second largest capital in the world that happens to be located in a desert.

Obviously, deserts aren't fun, what with their tendency to be very short in water.

The team has crated a billboard that can harvest moisture in the air and turn it into potable water.

Granted, there won't be too much condensation going on, since desert air is dry. Still, moisture exists everywhere, and the five tanks located at the top of the tower are definitely voluminous (96 liters each).

As for purity, condensed water is cleaner than most, and there is a filtration system as well, so that issue is well covered.

The water can be accessed from a single faucet located at the base of the billboard.

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