Bill Walton Makes Ray Lewis Murder Joke on ESPN – Video

ESPN analyst treads on some toes, gets a lot of heat online

ESPN analyst Bill Walton put his foot in his mouth the other day during a game, when he made a murder joke about fellow analyst and retired NFL great Ray Lewis. Check it out above.

Discussing with Dave Pasch on the arrival of mascots and cheerleaders in a stretch limo, Pasch noted that Walton must have been “somewhere in the middle of that thing.”

“I was way in the back along with Ray Lewis and it was unbelievable how much fun – oh my gosh – how many people were in there?” Walton chimed in.

In 2000, Lewis was linked to a double murder, with reports saying that blood had been found in the back of his limo that could prove he had played a part in it.

Considering that Lewis is now with ESPN, it’s easy to understand why Walton’s comments got him in trouble with network bosses.

“I think we'll just dismiss the Ray Lewis comment,” Pasch calmly said, trying to save face.

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