Bill Gates to Resign as Chairman, Work on “Must-Have Products” with New CEO Bloomberg

Microsoft’s co-founder is ready to take on a new role at the company

Microsoft’s is going through a major transformation process these days and in addition to appointing new CEO, it turns out that Bill Gates would also take on a new role within the company.

According to a report by Bloomberg and citing people familiar with the matter, Bill Gates will soon resign from the chairman position in order to be replaced by John Thompson, who’s currently in charge of the board committee responsible for finding a new CEO.

It appears that Bill Gates’ switch of roles is conditioned by the hiring of Satya Nadella, head of the cloud business at Microsoft, as company CEO. Gates, who’s one of the strong supporters of Nadella, is planning to work together with the new CEO on a number of products in order to make sure that the company’s transition to devices and services goes as planned.

According to the report, although Bill Gates would resign from the chairman position, he wants to remain within the company and focus on what Bloomberg calls “must-have products.”

What’s more important is that Bill Gates is also pondering a gradual return to Microsoft, with the co-founder planning to work at least one day a week for the software giant, while also focusing on his charity effort in the rest of the time.

Bill Gates and Satya Nadella are thus expected to form a team that would create several innovative products and there’s no doubt that Microsoft would benefit from Gates’ experience, knowledge, and opinions.

Surprisingly, outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer and a close friend of Bill Gates doesn’t seem to be part of these upper management switch, but previous reports indicated that he would remain part of the company after a successor is found.

An announcement of Steve Ballmer’s replacement is expected in the coming days, so we’re very keen to find out whether Satya Nadella is indeed the new CEO or not.

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