Bill Gates Spotted in Cheering Crowd at Windows 8 Launch Party – Video

Microsoft’s chairman partied in the Microsoft Store in Times Square

Bill Gates isn’t quite involved in Microsoft’s business these days, but he couldn’t miss such an important moment like the Windows 8 launch.

Although Gates or any other Microsoft executive avoided to say something about this, it seems like the company’s co-founder and chairman was actually partying in the Microsoft Store in Times Square.

A video published by Microsoft and showing the way people enjoyed the launch of Windows 8 in Times Square also presents an excited Gates (at 1:08) who talks to other Microsoft fanboys getting ready for the big launch of the new operating system.

Although Windows 8 is a critical moment in Microsoft’s history, Bill Gates hasn’t talked too much on it, as he prefers to focus on his charity job with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

He did however say in a short interview that he considers the new Windows 8 a very exciting product that’s likely to be “a very big deal” for the Redmond-based technology giant.

“Hardware partners are doing great things to take advantage of the features,” Gates explained, pointing out that hardware manufacturers are also upgrading their products to allow consumers make the most of the new operating system.

As for the Surface, Gates got one and he thinks Microsoft’s first tablet ever is “unbelievably great.”

“I got my Surface RT just recently, I've been using it day and night. It was one of the first ones off the line and I was anxious to get one…it is absolutely incredible,” he explained.

Bill Gates, who’s now holding the chairman role at Microsoft, doesn’t plan to rejoin the company in the CEO position. Ballmer does a very good job right now, so Gates prefers to focus on his charity work in the near future.

“I am now committed full time to my charity work,” Bill Gates said according to Hollywood Reporter.

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