Bill Gates Refuses Microsoft CEO Job, but Promises to Get Involved More at the Company

Report claims that Bill Gates will be the one who will pick the next CEO

Microsoft continues the search for a new CEO and now a new report reveals that Bill Gates, the company’s co-founder who already refused the job, would get more involved in the company’s business after a new CEO is found.

Recode writes, via undisclosed sources, that Bill Gates is one of the key players in the search for a new CEO, especially because he plans to work closer with Steve Ballmer’s successor in order to ensure long-term profitability for the search giant he founded.

“This is a Gates search, even though the board is very involved,” sources close to the matter have been quoted as saying. “But nothing is going to happen without him, especially since he will be much more involved in the company going forward.”

While Microsoft announced that a new CEO would be appointed in early 2014, it turns out that this isn’t going to happen in January, as the company is still talking with all candidates. But even though it shouldn’t take too long to publicly announce a new CEO, as the company’s business itself could be affected by this continuous uncertainty.

Sources close to the matter hinted that Microsoft’s employees were also asking questions to find out who would replace Steve Ballmer at the helm of the company, but the committee in charge of finding a new CEO is keeping everything secret.

“There has to be clarity, because everyone is in limbo and swimming in place, waiting to see who gets the job,” a high-profile Microsoft executive has been quoted as saying. “With everything moving so quickly in tech, we can hardly afford to take too much more time.”

With Ford’s Alan Mulally ruling out himself from the Microsoft CEO search, all bets are now on cloud boss Satya Nadella, as he’s believed to have what it takes to complete the company’s transformation to devices and services.

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